History of the college

History of the college dates back to year 2000 with the aim of restoring the ancient system of medicine i.e. Ayurveda in the present system of health and to make it a recognized and distinguished path in society. With this aim the college was started in a small campus in the heart of city. From the very beginning, the basic infrastructure required for the setup of Ayurveda OPD and IPD along with emphasis on the quality of teaching has been taken care of. To serve and attract the common mass by the holistic approach of Ayurveda, timely camps and public lectures have been the tradition of the college, since its inception. During its more than 10 years of journey, the major part of financial budget has been spent in relieving the sufferings of poor and needy persons at a very minimal token amount. To popularise and propagate the heritage of Ayurveda among people, all the possible means of communication including print and electronic media, along with free camps have been conducted at timely intervals.
With time passing by, not only we are reaching to our aim but with every new day ahead we are more determined, enthusiastic and energetic in our approach. It need not to be mentioned that within a span of around 10 years, the college has taken shape of 1 lac square feet construction sprawling in lush green plantation extending in an area of about 9 acres.
In this competitive world, we are busy in our efforts to adorn our present infrastructure with all the modern technological requirements so as to prove the effectiveness of Ayurveda through research oriented work. Not only we have an plenty space for teaching and hospital but we have well defined spacious herbal garden where more than 150 medicinal plants are making the nearby environment healthy and nurturing the thoughts in our mind that herbal medicines too retain their effectiveness in curing common to rarest of ailments.

Following are few of our achievement and progress in last 5 years which we would like to bring to your kind notice

1.      More than 50 camps in college premises on various speciality diseases such as Gynaecological problems, old age problems, childhood problems, ophthalmic diseases, diseases related to ENT, metabolic diseases such as Diabetes & obesity including Bronchial asthma has been organized. Other than organizing these camps our medical officers are daily visiting nearby villages along with nursing staff to provide first aid facility and medicines free of charge. After preliminary examination and free medication of these patient, they are referred to hospital for further follow up and due care.


2.      Our present average OPD has reached to about 200 patients per day from a toll of 25 patients per day from initial years of hospital establishment. We are also hiring specialized medical fraternity including Paediatrician, Gynaecologist, Dentist and General surgeon from modern path on part time basis, so as to give the required consultation and needful to our patients.


3.      We owe 125 bed IPD along with well-furnished major and minor O.T. with adequate nursing and paramedical staff. Patients suffering from jaundice, Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Piles, Fissure, Fistula, ascites, Paralysis, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis & Diarrhoea are being routinely admitted to our hospital.


4.      We are running an antenatal chamber along with facility for delivery (both normal & Caesarean) under the guidelines of Gynaecologist. We are also providing free space for LTT from time to time to govt. authorities and hence helping them out for Nobel cause.


5.      We also owe state of the art Panchkarma setup running in our hospital where both elite class & poor are availing the same facility without any discrimination. We are having both male & female masseurs trained from the land of Ayurveda i.e. Kerala.   Around more than 50 Vamans are being performed every year by our eminent Panchkarma physicians.


6.      We are also providing routine radiological & pathological investigation including biochemistry, urine, stool & other laboratory examination at very nominal charges.


7.      We also have well equipped pharmacy including End runner, Pulveriser, Incubator, Tablet disintegrate, Pills making machine etc which is meeting the daily medicinal requirement of patients visiting college hospital. Maximum range of classical formulations including Vati, Taila, Churna, Avaleha and Ark kalpana are being prepared regularly.


8.      Library with a total of more than 11,000 books on various subjects including classical texts of Ayurveda and Modern science with ambient space for sitting and reading is available.


9.      Last but not least, we are conducting monthly CME (continuous medical education) in our Seminar hall. Faculties from all departments share their views & clinical experience on the topic decided. Moto behind being is to extend spectrum of knowledge, make them more versed with modern means of teaching & presenting papers in conferences & also to inspire the students with positive attitude. We are also inviting renowned physicians and scholars as a speaker to our CME sessions from time to time.